Best Chicken Coop Reviews and Special Deals

Here at, we love looking after our pet chickens as if they are royalty, and it only seems appropriate that we share with you some of the best “chicken palaces”  (aka best chicken coop) that we have found whilst undertaking our quest to keep our chickens in the manner they become accustomed!

If you are planning to look after your own chickens in your backyard, then maybe you might be interested in some of the chicken coop designs on the market, or simply browsing the wide range of designs and chicken house plans to see if any of these palaces might suit your backyard chickens.

A Chicken Coop is a must have!best chicken coop reviews

We highly recommend the chicken coop illustrated below, as having all of the necessary elements for keeping your backyard chickens safe and healthy.  The key elements are a safe and warm roost area, which is preferably located up high off the ground, is fully secured from weather and predators at night.

It is also important to have an outdoor activity area that is also secure from daytime predators, but offers the chickens some outdoor space to roam around, but is securely fenced with steel mesh to allow plenty of sunshine inside.

What else should a chicken coop have?

Other elements include a nesting box, a feeding and watering location, and easy to access doors and hatches which can be opened each morning, and closed and locked up at night.

Apart from that, we would like to let your imagination run wild, as we present some of the fantastic designs and elaborate constructions of chicken houses that are available on the market right now at Amazon.


1. Merax Pet Supplies Wood House Chicken Coops

best chicken coop reviews
Welcome to the Merax range of prestige Chicken coops, who are designers and manufacturer’s of excellent wooden chicken houses.  Merax supply a wide range of chicken houses to suit a whole range of requirements from just a select few chickens, up to large chicken coops for those who keep large flocks of hens.

Made from sustainable fir wood, these Merax chicken coops are solid, durable for any weather, and stable to keep your flock of chickens safe from the elements.  You can choose from a variety of timber treatments, from raw through to fully painted with waterproof paints to ensure theses chicken houses can withstand any thing that the elements can through at it, and means you can look after your chickens for many years.

The Merax chicken coop range

best chicken coop reviewsbest chicken coop

The Merax chicken coop range provides ample space for your chickens, depending on the number and size you need to house.  These chicken coops have tons of space including nesting boxes, or egg laying areas, roosting box, lockable access doors, secure outside run areas, and come securely surrounded with predator proof steel mesh to keep your chickens inside, and pests outside!

To make sure you can buy with confidence, the Merax chicken coop come with an Amazon return policy, read here for more details.


2. Best Choice Products 80″ Wooden Chicken Coop

best chicken coop reviews
Wooden Chicken Coop are also designed and proudly presented by “Best Choice Products”, who have a multi purpose chicken coop available for keeping between 2 and 4 chickens.  The benefit of this multi purpose chicken coop is that it can be suitable for keeping several different types of pets, depending on your requirements, and this ideal chicken house could also be used for keeping rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, or even a rooster if you need to keep him segregated from the chickens!

Best Choice make quality Chicken Coops

This chicken coop features a raised chicken roosting area that is accessible from a ramp, through an easy to use sliding hatch.  The floor of the roosting box is cleverly designed with a removable sliding tray, which makes cleaning of the chicken coop very simple.  Better still, the design includes nesting boxes that are easily accessible for both humans and chickens, so that chickens can lay their eggs in a safe and secure spot, and you and your whole family can enjoy collecting the eggs each day.

The whole chicken coop is secured with steel mesh, which makes for a safe outside play area for the chickens, allows plenty of fresh air, and loads of sunshine for your chickens to enjoy during the day.  All doors and hatches are lockable to keep your hens safe, and also allow easy access to change and fill up both food and water supplies whenever necessary.

Click here to check out the First Choice Chicken Coop at Amazon.


3. Pawhut Deluxe Large Backyard Chicken Coop

best chicken coop reviews
Pawhut is the next manufacturer of deluxe chicken coops.  Pawhut pride themselves on designing chicken coops that are more than just enclosures for chickens, but are more suitable for those of us who love our pet chickens and want to look after them as best as we possibly can.  Pawhut chicken houses are built for comfort and accessibility for both chickens and humans alike!

Pawhut – Secure Chicken Coop

Chickens need to be housed safe and secure, both at night and during the day.  But we humans also have needs as we lead busy lives, and we would prefer to be enjoying our pet chickens rather than cleaning out chicken coops all day long!  So Pawhut chicken houses are specially designed to be spacious and easy to access all living areas, nesting boxes, and feed and watering areas with the chicken coop.

The nesting box is cleverly located at the side of the chicken coop, with its own hatch for easy egg collecting.  The floor of the roosting box is a sliding tray that can be easily cleaned and replaced.  The chickens can enjoy the freedom of a large outer run which is securely enclosed with steel mesh, and has lockable doors so that chickens can be kept in or let free whenever you choose.

Pawhut chicken house / chicken coop features:

best chicken coop reviews

  • Large ope air spaces for chickens to roam
  • Easy access for nest boxes, doors, hatches etc
  • Comes complete with nesting boxes, roosts, ramps, etc
  • Sliding floor tray for easy cleaning
  • Outer run area
  • Inner run areas
  • Nesting area
  • Roosting area


Best Chicken Coop Reviews
Pawhut chicken houses are easy to assemble, look great in any backyard, and offer a great solution to keeping your pet chickens safe and happy – click here to buy at Amazon.


4. McCombo Deluxe Wooden Chicken Coops

best chicken coop
McCombo are manufacturers of high quality wooden chicken coops, that will make a great addition to your backyard, and be an excellent home for your flock of backyard chickens.  The McCombo range of chicken coops are constructed from fully treated timber, and all made from solid top quality pine, which is resistant to weather and look great, rain hail or shine!

McCombo – everything your chicken wants for a chicken coop

McCombo chicken houses don’t only look good, but they are build to be functional and secure for your precious pet chickens.  The chickens coops include a fully enclosed outer run, made from strong galvanized wire mesh, which gives the chickens valuable time out in the fresh air and sunshine, but you don’t have to worry about the dreaded predators stealing your flock.Best Chicken Coop Reviews


McCombo chicken coops come in a range of sizes and different shapes and designs, so you will need to select the chicken coop that best meets with your requirements, depending on how many chickens you need to keep in your chicken house, and how much space you have in your backyard.  Click here to buy the best Chicken Coop today!

 We hope you can find the Best Chicken

Coop that suits you and your pet Chickens!

Remember not to overfill your chicken coop, as the chickens all need to find a safe and secure space in the roosting box at night.  Too many chickens can tend to cause squabbles particularly around dark when they are looking for a place to roost for the night. Protection Status