Do you have a chicken house for your chickens?

If you don’t have some type of chicken house then you definitely should and you should get one as soon as possible. Your chickens are going to need a safe place because they have many natural predators. The type of predators will vary depending upon your location in the world, but trust me – there will be predators.  These include foxes and raccoons which will kill them and their eggs as well. Snakes, dogs and birds of prey are also a real threat, depending upon where you live.  Without a proper house some harm is very likely to come to your flock at one stage or another. Proper chicken coops for your chickens will ensure that they are locked in safe at night and that they are not going to be victimized by these other predatory animals.

Now a chicken house can come in different types, shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for the best one you’re going to want to consider a lot of factors. Of course it’s going to be important to take your own budget into consideration. You’re also going to want to think about the amount of space you have, the number of chickens you’re planning to keep and the environment that you are keeping them in. Yet another consideration is whether your chickens will be let out during the day or if they will be kept penned at all times. All of these things will help you to figure out specifically which chicken house to purchase.

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Metal Cages

One of your options is a metal cage. These cages have many advantages for those with any level of space because they are offered in different sizes. Small cages can be purchased if you have a small amount of space. These types of cages will only want to be used if you are going to be putting them outside during most of the time and caging them only for the night. These small cages are not comfortable for chickens which like open space. They can be budget friendly however so they are better for those just starting out who have only a couple chickens.

Some metal cages can be quite large as well. Large chicken houses are good for if you’re going to keep your chickens caged at all times these can be better since they provide enough space for your chickens to move around and also provide plenty of protection on all sides from different types of predators. These can also be good for larger numbers of chickens. You’ll want to be careful however, make sure that you are not getting too many chickens in the space as this can cause health problems for them. Make sure the more chickens you have the larger the size cage you get.

“You’ll be able to find a chicken house that works for the number of chickens you have as well as the budget that you have to take care of them.”

Wooden Cages

Wooden cages are typically a little different from the metal ones. These cages are generally built small and will typically only hold chickens during the night while they are sleeping. These are normally going to be too small for a chicken to live in at all times. These houses may be shaped differently and they will also likely be raised off the ground though not always. This helps to protect the chickens more since wooden pens are little easier for predators to break into.

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Choosing the Right Chicken House

Depending on where you live you may decide to utilize different types of chicken houses. Climate may have less to do with the type of house you choose (though wooden houses would typically not do as well in wet or rainy areas) but the type of predators that you need to protect your chickens from will. For example, foxes may have a harder time getting into a metal cage versus a wooden cage that can easily be broken. Raccoons may have a more difficult time getting into a metal cage whereas they could possibly get into a wooden one.  Snakes can squeeze through surprisingly narrow spaces, so snake-proof chicken mesh (approx 10mm x 10mm mesh size) will be needed to protect the occupants.

Deciding on the best chicken house for your situation is going to depend on a lot of factors. The good news is that there are houses in all styles and building materials that are built in all price ranges. So you’ll be able to find a house that works for the number of chickens you have as well as the budget that you have to take care of them. And if  you can’t find a ready-made house to buy that fits the bill, you may be interested in building your own.  Click Here for one of our other articles that will give you an idea of what to include in your home made chicken coop.  Keeping your chickens safe and protected from harm should be a top priority for any chicken owner and with the right chicken house you can do just that.

Chicken House Designs

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