“The Perfect Chicken Coop!”

When searching for a chicken coop, it can be difficult to find something that is easy to clean, has easy access and yet remains sturdy in common weather elements. TRIXIE Pet Products has a product with several unique design features, which even includes wood panelling along the back to protect your chickens from the wind, or to even provide shade. The Chicken Coop with a View retails for about $420, but it doesn’t appear to be difficult to find for under $300. Perfectly suited for two chickens of standard size, the glazed pine coop with a shingled roof blends in with the nature that surrounds it while providing an attractive addition to your chicken farm.

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What You’ll Want to Know

Because of its flexibility, the Chicken Coop with a View is the perfect chicken house for those new to chicken farming. The roof is hinged for easy access on both the nesting house and the sleeping house. Removable dividers make it easy to customize for your chickens’ needs, particularly for nesting. The removable tray makes cleaning much easier than with traditional coops, while its expandability makes it perfect for experienced and new farmers alike.

Trixie Chicken Coop With a View Easy to Clean

Buyers can add on specially designed outdoor runs for just over $100, giving chickens plenty of room to stretch in the sun. Weighing 80 pounds once assembled, you can also count on this product’s stability in certain unfavorable weather conditions.

Trixie Pet Products Outdoor Run with Mesh Cover

The Finer Details

This design is actually two storeys, which can provide more space and comfort for your chickens. The clever upstairs/downstairs arrangement allows them to more easily find shade or sun depending on the weather. It also comes standard with some helpful features that are particularly attractive to beginners, such as the removable roosting pole. Not all coop designs you might consider buying have this.  Metal slide latches help keep predators out, and the close mesh galvanized metal provides extra security. Complete with an asphalt shingled roof and a weatherproof finish, these are extra features that mean less maintenance over the years.

Some Helpful Hints from Customer Reviews

The Chicken Coop with a View has several features that make it stand out from the others, but customers have consistently provided feedback about some things they found that made this particular model more functional.
• Many customers who lived in regions that experience cold winters find that a heat lamp is needed inside the house.
• Customers have mentioned that exposure to excess moisture from frequent rains can cause swelling, but most report that a simple coat of water seal before use solves the problem and creates years of durability.
• Customers are consistent about mentioning that a friend may be needed for assembly, though not many tools seem to be required, other than a simple screwdriver.
• While the same company produces products for other animals, many have reported success with using this chicken coop with rabbits and other small animals.
• Some report (particularly in areas with raccoons or other animals that may try to invade the coop) that changing the latches to larger, sturdier options is both affordable and highly effective. It’s worth noting that most customers are also quite pleased with the tight mesh that surrounds the coop, as it makes it difficult for even snakes and other creatures to enter.This chicken house has many useful features

Our Verdict on the TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View

While most customers found that they were happier after some slight modifications, the overall reviews and feedback regarding the TRIXIE “with a View” are quite positive. Considering its affordability, it’s still a great starting point for those new to starting a flock, or even those with experience who may want to do some slight customization. While TRIXIE could go the extra mile and upgrade latches and weatherproofing, these seem to be easy fixes that not everyone needs. Put simply, if you live in a rural area with lots of potential invaders, you’ll likely want to modify the product slightly for more security. Though it may be tempting, given the two storey design, to house three hens or more in the coop, this really should only be done with smaller breeds of chickens, particularly if the optional additional run is not attached. Overall, if you’re looking for an attractive place to house a small flock that adds character and charm to your yard, the Chicken Coop with a View is likely one of the best ways to start.

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