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Here is a really neat idea on the market – chicken treadle feeders!

Have you ever seen these chicken treadle feeders, which deliver feed to your chickens on demand – that is whenever they walk up to the feeder, the treadle bar at the front lifts up the hatch, and the chicken can eat as much as it wants without having to worry about other seed raiders stealing all the food.

Treadle feeders stop wild types of birds from raiding you chicken food, as they cannot access the bird seed, and soon stop looking for a free feed all the time.


No matter how many chickens you have – there is a Chicken Treadle Feeder to do the Job!

chicken treadle feeders


chicken treadle feedersThis is the largest in the range of Olba Chicken Treadle Feeders, and it holds up to 44 pounds of chicken food at once.

The benefit of this range of chicken feeders is that you can feed a whole flock of chickens from just one food source, and this feeder should be able to sustain up to and over 9 chickens at any time.

And you can always be confident that the food will be kept clean and safe from predators, no matter how long it takes your chickens to consume it all.





Treadle Feeders come in all Chicken Feeders

range of sizes depending on

how many chickens you have!


These treadle feeders will do the job no matter how many chickens you need to look after, from just a few, or up to a dozen chickens.  You can relax in peace knowing that your chickens can eat as much as they like whenever they like!




Chicken Treadle Feeders even Grandpa would love!


chicken treadle feederschicken treadle feeders

This one is a best selling model, with thousands made and sold.  It is very popular because it means you can feed a flock of over 10 chickens for more than a week.


So that is very convenient, knowing that your chickens always have easy access to chicken food, and pests and wild birds cannot steal it!



While you are here – do you need a Chicken Waterer?


chicken treadle feederschicken treadle feedersThe benefit of this large automatic chicken water dispenser is that it can keep your flock of chickens supplied with fresh water for over a week, and there is no need to worry about the water getting soiled or turning sour.


Better still, you can be confident that your chickens won’t accidentally knock it over, or that wild animals won’t come sniffing around making trouble, and spilling all your clean water supply.


The chickens can simply approach the waterer and get as much or as little water as they need without wasting the water supply or tipping water all over the ground, and using up the water supply causing you time and effort to refill the water container each day.  With the poultry waterer, you have less work to do, and it makes looking after your chickens much easier – every day! Protection Status