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I love my pet chicken.

Hens, that is.

Roosters are too noisy, but hens just quietly cluck and peck the ground, and nobody even knows they are there.

They eat flies and other insects for you, keeping to a minimum the annoying flying things in your yard.

They also eat your vegetable scraps, lowering your volume of garbage. And, eventually, they give you eggs. Lots of them.

Have you ever wished you had been raised on a farm and had to scatter a handful of corn to the chickens every day? Now you can. With a simple coop, and a flock of 3 (they do best in groups of at least 3), you can have fresh eggs even if you live in a basic subdivision with neighbors, curbs, and paved streets.

Backyard chickens are on the rise in these days of caring for the environment, and keeping a small coop fits with being green–you know where some of your food (at least your eggs) come from. Try it for yourself.

These are some of the best things about raising chickens:


Collect your own Eggs – yes you will be able to collect and eat your own eggs, knowing that your chickens have been kept as happily and as healthily as possible. Because you have looked after and nurtured them, and given them the best chicken feed, and lots of yummy kitchen scraps, and have allowed them to scratch around your garden. Nothing beats raising chickens for eggs, and then collecting your own fresh eggs from your own happy chickens!

Chickens eat bugs! By keeping and raising your own chickens in your backyard, you will be able to keep the bugs and creepy crawlies away! If you can give your chickens a little free range time around your garden, they will eat all the bugs, snails, and crawling pests that they can find. They love it, and it is a real treat for them to have some free range time pecking around the grass and dirt.

Recycle your kitchen scraps. When you have chickens, you will reduce your kitchen waste right down to the minimum amount of waste possible. If you take care with sorting your waste into trash, recycling waste, and chicken scraps, you will be amazed how much you can reduce your trash pile, and that has got to be good for the environment! And your chickens will love it! A bunch of kitchen scraps every day will send them into a tizzy of excitement as they peck through the scraps for a tasty leftover morsel. And then they will lay another fresh egg – raising and keeping chickens is great fun!

Improve your garden. With almost no effort at all you can improve your garden with the manure your chickens create. Just rake it up and spread it around your garden beds, or, better still add it to your Compost bin or Compost Tumbler, and let it enrich your soil that way without risk of burning your plants.

Train the chickens to be like pets! Yes a pet chicken can become an adorable feathered friend, and they will come to recognize you at feeding time, and come running to you, especially when you bring those kitchen scraps that we talked about. In fact, if you allow them a little free range time around your backyard, your pet chicken will happily follow you around as you play in your own garden, which can be a really fun time and a great way to enjoy your time outdoors. Your Pet Chicken will love some time to sun itself during the day, and will stretch its wings and catch some warmth whenever possible – they are very cute pets!



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Choose the breed of chickens that you like the most.

There are many types and varieties of chickens that you can keep in your backyard, and they make the most adorable little pets, or you can choose the best egg laying chickens, or you can choose chickens that lay larger eggs, or whatever you prefer. Did you know that different breeds of chickens and their eggs can be a very interesting subject that some people specialize their whole lives around? The choice is amazing and you can really have fun selecting and raising chickens that are just right for you!


chicken house chicken coop

Choose from a range of chicken houses.

You will be amazed at some of the latest designs and plans for chicken houses, chicken coops, and even chicken tractors that are out there right now! These designs can accommodate everything from 3 chickens in a small hutch to 20 hens in warm, dry and large chicken houses. For the best chicken accommodation, be sure to include a safe nesting box to lay eggs, a elevated roost for night time sleep quarters, and even a fenced chicken run so that the chickens can enjoy a little outdoors time during the day. You will also need to ensure that when you are buying chicken houses that they have a safe and secure hatch or door, so that the chickens can move around during the day, but can be locked up during the night for their own protection.
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